How to look self confident, even if you are not?

How to Look Self Confident When You’re Not

Psychology and lifehacks


Have you ever been in situation, when you had a very important conversation, like job interview or when you had to speak in public or just talk to strangers; you were so nervous, and it seemed like everyone knows about it? Dont worry, many people are a bit stressed in such cases. Here are some tips, how you can gently hide that feeling from others and look more confident (not arogant!!)

Do you know how much body language can reveal about us? So, first of all, pay attention to your body position. Keep it stright and dont hunch. This way you will tell others: Im not afraid, Im calm.

If you have a buiseness meeting for example, or such situation where you should shake someone’s hand, make sure your handshake is strong enough. Of course, dont exaggerate or shake it till the pain. Just dont make it too weak, like…

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My top 5 cities in Europe to visit

Romance! Truly, Europe has all of the most romantic destinations!

Way to go

  1. Venice(Italy)

Probably one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Why it is worth visiting? Not only to swim by famous boats called gondola, but also to see this stunning view of the city ,,on water”. And where else if not in Italy you will eat the best pizza?IMGP2321

2. Paris(France)

Another romantic city in Europe. Walking in narrow streets, old architecture and of course, famous Eiffel tower which is shining at night. From the top of this tower you will see almost all the city. At night it will be especially amazing view! And who would forget to mention kisses or proposals that happens on the top of the tower….

3. Copenhagen(Denmark)

In this beautiful city you can visit museum in which you can know more about vikings, see their clothes and learn their history. You can also have fun in LEGOLAND,which is not only for small children,but adults…

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Uses of Aloe vera

Aloe Vera therapy

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Have you ever noticed a one or two inch green cactus looking plant in your garden??
Yes.. it’s aloe vera.. a plant with antiviral and antibacterial properties…. a medicine to treat everything from constipation to diabeties. Also it is used extensively in beauty products…

The translucent gel contains 96% water and some part of organic and inorganic compounds, a type of protein which contains 18-20% amino acids, vitamin A, B, C and E. Another part of aloe vera is used as a ‘sap’, a yellow colored liquid stucked to the skin of plant from inside. When it’s dried and purified  can be used as laxative. It also has complex carbohydrate  which allow nutrients to  to reach the cells, nourish them and at the same time relieve them of toxins. Also drinking aloe vera juice empty stomach in the morning improves digestion and cures any kind of stomach problems. Aloe Vera…

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Love desserts @ Banawe, QC

Blue ice cream!


Just this saturday, boyfie and I decided to try out Love desserts – an eat all you can desserts food hub in Banawe St, QC. Actually this has already been suggested last year by his mom and we had wanted to try it out then but never found the time due to conflicting scheds. Anyway, our interest with it was sparked again when we had seen it on the way home one time so ta-da! off we went right the next weekend.

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